Scheduling: Appointments can be scheduled on our website, or by text, phone or email. While we will consider weather conditions, ensuring favourable conditions at the scheduled time is the client's responsibility. OneRoof Listings reserves the right to adjust your appointment for logistical reasons. We will notify you by phone, text, and email if changes occur.
Area Calculation: As opposed to many real estate transactions we calculate square footage based on liveable/photographed area. This means the square footage of finished basements or detached dwellings would be included in an area calculation but a storage/utility room would not. Most of our packages include up to 2000SQFT; additional area will be billed at $100/1000SQFT per service.
Property Readiness: Ensure the property is ready for the shoot upon our arrival. You will find a “pre-shoot checklist” on our website. Clients must communicate with property owners and arrive 20-30 minutes before the appointment to prepare the property. OneRoof Listings is not responsible for moving or altering objects. Properties will be shot "as-is."
Travel and Parking Charges: We aim to avoid charging for mileage. However, appointments requiring more than 50km of round trip travel will incur a fee of $1/km thereafter. Travel is calculated from the photographer’s starting point. We minimize travel to avoid unnecessary fees. Any parking fees incurred will be billed directly to the client.
Filming/Photography: OneRoof Listings has creative control over compositions and room selections unless specified in advance. Additional photos or angle changes that require a second visit will be billed accordingly.
Payments: All payments must be made in full before the delivery of assets. 
Asset Delivery: We aim to deliver all assets the day following your shoot. Deliverables will be uploaded to the OneRoof Portal for your download.
Return Charges: A $99 fee will be applied for reshoots due to unprepared properties, unfavourable weather, decor changes, or additional photos/videos beyond the original scope. OneRoof Listings reserves the right to apply this fee at its discretion.
Floor Plans: Floor plans are approximations, and square footage is estimated. They should be used as an overview and not as exact measurements. OneRoof Listings does not guarantee accuracy due to third-party tools used.
Cancellations/Rescheduling: We strive to be flexible with rescheduling due to weather and other unforeseen circumstances. However, cancellations made less than 24 hours before the appointment will incur a $200 fee. No-show appointments, defined as being 30 minutes late, will also be charged $200.
Liability and Insurance: Our drone operators are Transport Canada licensed. We may decline a job if deemed unsafe due to weather, proximity to airports, or other conditions. We reserve the right to refuse service for any reason.
Refunds: All sales are final, and we do not offer refunds. Cancelled appointments that have been paid for will receive a credit on your OneRoof Listings account.
Asset Rights and Licensing: All photos and videos and their rights remain the exclusive property of OneRoof Listings. Clients receive a limited license to display and distribute the media for promotional purposes related to a singular property sale. The media is for single-use only and cannot be duplicated, edited, or sold to third parties without written consent from OneRoof Listings.